Visual Merchandising  

Visual merchandising is a kind of visual representation or display of products and services in the retail industry. It also refers to the interior and exterior design of a retail shop to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. 

Very often we get to see the splendid, eye-catching, well-lightened showrooms or outlets of different brands in the town and cities are nothing but a part of visual merchandising.

Visual merchandising is one of the most effective marketing ideas in the present day. Since all kinds of product samples are displayed here with a price tag, customers feel more comfortable to choose and buy walking the entire shop. The main objective of visual merchandising is to maximize efficiency by creating enjoyable shopping, effective store design, and create awareness of different brands.

Visual Merchandising in Retail Business of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a huge market of around 170 million people. It was a time when retailing was a bit traditional where sellers used to go door to door for marketing and selling. But nowadays, to keep pace with globalization Bangladesh is also embracing visual merchandising in the retail business especially in the apparel industry.

While walking through the streets of shopping areas in the small cities of Bangladesh, we get to see a mentionable number of outlets of various product brands including shoes, apparel, jewelry, food, smartphone, etc. And it really feels impressive and convincing to see the outlets that fascinating which is the key purpose of visual merchandising. On the other hand, the big cities offer a bigger scenario of VM where we can find some international standard mega shipping mall. And there’s no way you can deny to be amazed seeing the interior-exterior decoration of the shops and outstanding representation of the products and services. So, yes, we can say the towns and cities of Bangladesh are swiftly embracing this visual merchandising. Hopefully, the rural and remote areas will also adopt this new promotion strategy soon.

Responsibilities of a Visual Merchandiser

  • Research current lifestyle and design trends
  • Drive and develop a visual merchandising standard within a retail store.
  • Generating sketches of visual displays that meet the store’s visual design requirements, and also proper shop’s space utilization as per sales
  • Design appealing merchandise displays to attract visitors to the store and impact the overall business by visual merchandising strategy.
  • Displays are frequently changed to promote and reflect the new product, festive or seasonal themes
  • Ensuring uniformity of displays across multiple store locations by frequent store visits and implementation by using the latest technology.
  • Collaborate with other store staff.

Visual Merchandising Elements

Elements of visual merchandising like a window display, lighting, store layout, color, and even music are the tools or techniques used to innovatively design a store or outlet and differentiate customer experience from the competitors in the market.

Some of the elements are mentioned below:

Interior and exterior displays

While customers are in the store, Interior visual merchandising helps to capture the attention of them and also an essential component in the buying decision-making process. Factors that contribute to the overall in-store design are the store layout, store design, point of purchase displays, item display, assortment display, signage, etc. Exterior window displays can be used to sell products and entice customers into the store. An eye-catching, innovative window display can promote the brand image. They are also an effective way of promoting fashion trends and providing useful information to the target audience. 

Window Display: You will get only 3 or 5 seconds to grab the attention of the customers through the window display. So it needs to be ensured that the window should be transparent enough to stare at the interior. 

Store Layout and Design: The layout of a store should be in a way that customers feel comfortable moving around. Store design and interior coverings like the selection of the wall covering, carpets, furnishing, shelves, and dividers are suggested to be designed to convey the image which is required to be projected to the customers.

Lighting:  Lighting is another crucial component of VM. Various kinds of lights including RGB are being used vasty in the shops to steal the attention of the customer.

Music:  You have to figure out how you want the customers to feel while they are in your store and try to induce those feelings via music. If you have a vintage collection of classic items, playing blues, jazz and other genres might help you sell those products faster. In the same way, if your tore is mostly for teenage girls and your predominant style is trendy, modern, chic, pop music from well-known artists is the best option.

Mannequins: Apparel retailers use Mannequins to display their products in-store and in the window display. The mannequins will commonly be styled to match trends as well as display the latest products available. 

Graphics, photography, and signage:  This segment has gained huge popularity in the restaurant business. Customers literally can’t abandon their lure to capture their moments with artistic walls behind. Colorful, bold text and graphics are used to grasp the attention of these consumers. Signage should communicate a short, clear message, which is consistent with the brand’s marketing communications model.

Finally, retailing is the channel by which customers are introduced to the products and services. That is, the retail sector needs to maintain a direct relationship with the consumers. Since Visual merchandise is the first step to approach customers, to survive in the retail industry only the quality of products and services is not going to help you out. Rather you need to keep excellent coordination between product quality and Visual merchandising to make a boost.

Written By

S M Salman
Department of Business Administration,
Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University,Santosh,Tangail-1902

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