The Power of Networking
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The Power of Networking in Workplace

In social life what we call community power, In business, it is termed as networking. A workplace is a connecting point. If you are good as a human being and, expert in what you do, your network will grow fast and strong. Here, people from varied background & qualification come under one roof and, with the passage of time, they discover the gamut of differentiation & level of expertise. Each person is bestowed with unique capability.

So, the more you connect & mingle with another both professionally and socially, the more information is obtained about your unique quality & possibility. Networking doesn’t have any hard and fast rules, just be an expert in your job field and nurture your social qualities with good communication skill, you will end up having a powerful network. In today’s time, it bears severe importance. Let’s see how a good network helps you in your life;

Importance of Networking:

  1. Tackling Emergency: Networking is the ultimate help in the time of emergency. Emergencies can be varied with situation, some examples where your networking power fits – sometimes there is a need for a host to perform in an official program, or sometimes a graphics design is needed within a very short time to complete a project, at that time professional help is less likely to avail; only someone from the familiars can be the source to settle.
  2. Augmented Social Skill: Ability of networking is actually the outcome of your social skill. When a person manages the network effectively, it means the interpersonal skill just gets augmented. This skill is the indicator of success because a sociable person is the likable person & comes to the mind of everyone in time of need.
  3. Increased Ability: Having a group of a diversified pool of acquaintances increases the ability of any person. It boosts the confidence level & instills a feeling inside that “I can do it”. Maintaining liaisons with different people of different talent itself boosts your confidence & ability pretty high.
  4. Image Enhancement: When an employee manages relationships, works for it gets benefited by it, helps be it; it just enhances the image of that networker. Sometimes it is seen that a sudden vacancy arises & there is no time for publishing it to media, at that time connecting with the contacts at hand might be a great help for you.
  5. Innovative Ideas: Networking & managing other people successfully for a long time lead to new ideas that take advantage of the varied qualities of different people. A sharp mind that recognizes possibilities in people always tries to do something innovative & out of the box projects by applying the supplementary & complementary skills of people.

Networking is something that has no shortcomings. In today’s world, varieties of skills are sought for & the persons, who can acquire those, will get benefited & stay updated. It is the power of networking that connects a person with opportunities.

Author:  Abu Md. Abdullah 
Assistant Professor 
Faculty of Business Administration 
Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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