Become a Social Entrepreneur Today

One type of business will be ruling in future; that is called social business. Cause people will be more conscious of society & environment to ensure that human existence on this planet for a longer period.

Finca International thinks that Social Entrepreneurship has never been more needed, more valued and more achievable than it is today!

Become a Social Entrepreneur Today:

Normally social business identifies every day’s difficulties, problems & solve it providing necessary goods/services & make the money out of it. It does not only concentrate on business but also works for the welfare of the business. One can be a social entrepreneur by solving the social problem smartly.

1. Understand your issue: Decide what, where & how you want to serve the society. Main fact here is you must have clear knowledge about the problem you want to solve. You need to know what you are up to. It’s great you want to help others but it’s not easy. So, if you are not sure what to do, you can look into joining another existing nonprofit until you find your passion.

2. Research Your Field: You will have unlimited access to Social Business & Problems information. Just sit with paper & pen & start GOOGLING. Learn pros & cons of social business. You can also have help from Social Enterprise Alliance.

3. Build the Brand: You have to create an epic brand that people can trust you. You have to identify the unique way to serve your product what already others are offering. For that, you have to do everything that requires building your brand. Get help from here From Idea to Concept: The 3 Stage Business Plan for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, by John Endris.

4. Think of it as a Businesses Organization: Legally, it is important to function your business as a nonprofit organization, but the most successful charities are well-run organizations. Literally, every element of your brand should be business driven. Business Model Generation: A Handbook For Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers.

5. Hire Employees Smarter Than You: Human capital is what counts, not financial capital. So, it’s all about finding the right people. Involve talented people in what you are doing. You also have to make sure your employee has the same motive as you do. Because it will help you to boost your organization fast.

6. Employ Transparency & Authenticity: Be Truthful with donors and show them your authenticity by giving them access necessary documents. Let them know everything about your causes but importantly the financial information. Make annual reports available to everybody also never forget to ask for a suggestion.

7. Develop Smart Partnership: Your success will be dependent upon developing a smart partnership with an organization connected to you. Whenever you get different proposals for your business, you need to smartly target which one makes the most sense and get it right for the first time.

8. Make Emotional Connection: Public perception can drive social entrepreneurs to success or failure. So you have to clear your message & purpose of your business. Create media, mentions and press coverage. Through this, you can share your goal with others & be attached to your customers. You can find some help from here SCORE free small business mentorship services.

9. Utilize all available platform: Always remember to utilize all available platforms to connect with the people. These days different organization are providing opportunities to show your social business ideas if it has something unique about it. You will get every support to make it happen. Get some help from here Social Venture Network.

Contributor - Khalid Bin Zaman
Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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