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  • internship provider in bangladesh
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    Top 10 Internship Providers in Bangladesh

    Internship experiences make candidates more competitive in the job market. In Bangladesh, Many industries, non-profit organizations provide a number of paid and non-paid intern opportunities and enhance their ability to become a more employable graduate. The List of top 10 internship providers in Bangladesh: 1. Unilever Bangladesh Unilever Bangladesh offers an internship program for the […] More

  • List of Importers and Exporters in Bangladesh

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    Top Importers and Exporters in Bangladesh

    The number of importer and exporter agencies in Bangladesh are increased in the last few years. We have seen that in Ready-Made Garments sector, the number of exporters and importers is greater than other sectors like – agro, IT, powerhouse etc. We have gathered here some importers and exporters from various fields in Bangladesh. List […] More

  • Top 10 Food Product Companies in Bangladesh

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    Top 10 Food and Beverage Companies in Bangladesh

    Food industries in Bangladesh have grown rapidly in recent years. Companies like PRAN, ACI are exporting different food products and frozen food successfully in many countries around the globe. Food Companies of Bangladesh are meeting international standards in quality, taste, and process of food production. Here we have listed the top most renowned food and […] More

  • Top 10 Multinational Companies in Bangladesh

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    Top 10 Multinational Companies in Bangladesh

    Multinational Company or Corporation is shortly known as MNC. This type of company have their business offices in different countries. It is true that, in today’s business world, world dominating top Multinational Corporations normally dominate the local business in most countries. They are large, they have huge capital and they knows their business well. While […] More

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