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The Power of Networking
Career Development

The Power of Networking in Workplace

In social life what we call community power, In business, it is termed as networking. A workplace is a connecting point. If you are good as a human being and, expert in what you do, your network will grow fast and strong. Here, people from varied background & qualification come under one roof and, with More

make your every day better
Personal Development

How to Make Your Everyday Better?

We face many problems in our daily workday. We try to work hard to finish our regular tasks, but sometimes it feels like a heavy stone is over our head. No matter how hard we try, we only fall behind our schedule and unable to keep pace most of the time. Here are some productivity More

work form home
Professional Development

How to Make Work from Home More Effective in COVID 19?

Working from home is not a new concept today. Different types of organizations use such flex working mode or hours for the sake of being agile & updated. When there is some natural disaster around the country or city or region that creates an obstacle to reach office & some important project is on the More

work politices and how to avoide it
Career Development

Workplace Politics: How to prepare, What to Do and What to avoid!

Depending on who you ask; the word politics has quite a few different meanings. For some, it may be to “uphold the rights of the poor”, for others it may be about “serving the people”. But at the end of the day no matter what anyone says the essence of politics is power. The struggle More

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    Use These Filters to Choose the Right Career

    Selecting a profession after completing graduation is the most important decision in a student’s life.  Success depends to a large extent on choosing the right profession. But choosing the right profession is not an easy task. A lot of factors influence this decision. Sometimes the candidate becomes puzzled – which way to go, which profession […] More

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    Top 10 Companies in Nepal

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    Top 10 Companies in Canada

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