Skills Needed in University
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Grow 8 skills when you are at University

In university, students earn the knowledge of their lives. They learn so many new things that help them to live a meaningful life. To make their student life and professional life easier they should add the following skills to their to-do list.

1. Being a good presenter:  The presentation is the way to express yourself up front everyone. By being a good presenter you can unleash your latent talent hidden inside you. So it is important to have those skills which are pre-requisite for presentation such as being skilled at Microsoft Word, Excel and having knowledge about power point.

2. Being a public speaker: Public speaking is one of the key factors, as you have to talk and share your views spontaneously in front of so many people and this might be the place where students get nervous while speaking. So, in order to be convinced by others, you have to be a good speaker or orator comprising your personality.

3. Being a good time manager: Performing task while having course, demands you to be a good clock wiser. Unless you don’t be, you will miss the deadline given to you, which is I guess not studious in fact, it can make you suffer during exam resulting down.

4. Having communicative skills: The word university comes from the concept universal and this is the place where worldly knowledge gather round itself as there be present so many different minds. So in order to get in touch with that knowledge, you have to enhance your communication knowledge, technique and approach to others so that they can interact with you freely.

5. Being self-confident: Confidence is the only thing that can take you to the other side making a successor. So never lose your confidence thinking this if there is anyone who can do this work it is only you. So don’t get hurt, don’t lose hope, it’s just time to bounce back.

6. Sharing innovative ideas: The human mind is naturally creative and unique so innovation is a must. And therefore needs the sharing because it can show you the other angle of your ideas, which definitely opens up your mind with a lot of probabilities.

7. Having a broad mentality: Being broadminded makes you even better person. Having seen your friend doing well should not make you feel bad rather you should encourage. In fact, you and your friend can make a team up.
Besides, there are students who come from far away but they do not have a true guide liner. So here comes the responsibility to be there as a helping hand for those.

8. Being a social worker: Society needs contribution to being civilized. So in order to be civilized, society needs people like us who can contribute to making society a better place and of course a civilized one for living.

Contributor: Sanzida Ferdouse | Studying at Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Bangladesh.

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