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Foreign Affairs Cadre in Bangladesh Foreign Affairs Cadre in Bangladesh

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Foreign Affairs Cadre in Bangladesh | BCS Exam in Bangladesh (A-Z)

The dream of a graduate student revolves around a standard job where he/she can discover honor, dignity, social status, smart salary, power, and most significantly security. A BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) first-class job is where you find everything in one place with the opportunity to serve your country at it’s best and Foreign Affairs Cadre is one of them!

BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) is a selection procedure by Bangladesh Government for first-class officer/gazette officer for the administration of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. The process of selecting a candidate is multifaceted. One candidate has to triumph over some stages to be appointed as BCS cadre like “Preliminary Examination,” “Written Examination,” “Viva Voce,” “Health Test,” and “Police Verification, etc.”

Foreign Affairs Cadre in Bangladesh

Advantages of a Foreign Cadre –

  • Here you will enjoy the trademark of a “Diplomat” for the rest of your life with tremendous honor and dignity. Unlike other cadres, your target groups will be embassy people and VVIP when you are in Bangladesh.
  • Foreign Service offers you to live a decent and honest life. Though our foreign allowance is not high, it is to some extent manageable to lead a standard life.
  • Your children will enjoy the best quality education, medical and accommodation free in the mission abroad. Also, they will be grown up in an elite environment.

Now, the opposite side of the coin!

This service is very sensitive. You have to work with the highest vigilance every day. Pressure is sometimes mounting too high to withstand. Like another service, you may not post in your desired mission even though u possess the highest efficiency as an officer. Your living cost may sometime seem too high compared to your allowances in some mission. You may feel boring to work consular and protocol works.

Exams and Preparation for Becoming a Foreign cadre | BCS Examination in Bangladesh

Every candidate has to go through the following exams for becoming a Foreign Affairs cadre, it is also called BCS Examination.

Preliminary examination

This examination is a screening test conducted on the following pattern: Subject: Bengali – 35 Questions, English – 35 Questions, General Knowledge on Bangladesh & International Affairs – 50 Questions, General Science and computer – 30 Questions, Mathematical Reasoning, and Mental Ability – 30 Questions, ethics, and good governance -10, geology-10

Duration: 2 hours
Marks: 200
Question type: Objective

Written examination

There are Nine Compulsory subjects, in which you will have to give a written exam.

General Bengali (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
General English (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) = 200 Marks
International Affairs = 100 Marks
Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability = 100 Marks
General Science and Technology = 100 Marks

Viva-voce (interview)

Candidates who pass the written phase successfully are qualified for the interview commonly known as viva voce. The success rate in this rigorous phase is quite lower than in other phases. The current marks allocation for viva voce is 200.

Final selection

BPSC selects the candidates on the basis of the aggregated marks written (obtained marks out of 900) and viva voce (obtained marks out of 200). 45% of the selection is made on the basis of merit and rest 55% according to several quotas. BPSC recommends the selected qualified candidates to the Ministry of Public Administration.

The ministry publishes the Gazette of the selected candidates after rigorous inspection of a medical test by DGHS, Police verification, and NSI verification. Generally, the entire process from the advertisement to the final date of joining takes 1 year.

How to Prepare for BCS? – (Foreign Cadre Exams)

Having acquainted with the paraphernalia of BCS, one might get startled. So let’s now make out how we can successfully get ready for the BCS (Foreign affairs Cadre) and do away with the BCS phobia:

Preparation for BCS in Bangladesh (Foreign affairs Cadre) preliminary test

There is no doubt that BCS is a very competitive examination. It requires a very painstaking long-term preparation. Only reading guidebooks and some selected general knowledge books will not be enough for excelling in the examination. The preliminary test must be taken seriously as this is the first stage and gateway to appear at the next stage of written examination. Generally, a preliminary test is designed including the following subjects:

For Bangla, the candidates should have a vast knowledge of the literature, poetry, dramas, novels, short stories, history of Bangla literature, grammar, etc.

To be well-prepared in all these, one should study the guidebooks, Bangla books of Class X, Bangla Grammar of S.S.C. level. It is worth mentioning that Bangla Grammar is very important for the preliminary Bangla objective questions because many questions are set on this subject.

For English, in-depth knowledge of English literature including, poets, novelists, dramatists, grammar, synonyms and antonyms, sentence completion, and analogy is required to do well in the English examination.

For Mathematics, by far the easiest part of the BCS examination, candidates should practice Mathematics at the secondary level of the old syllabus and also the new syllabus. For better preparation, English medium secondary level mathematics books can also be very helpful.

The suggestion about the general knowledge examination is that the candidates have to go through the newspapers regularly. Besides, they have to read a book fully from the available books on general knowledge to prepare them well for the examination.

Ways to do away with written test phobia

This stage is for those who are selected for the preliminary examination. The written test comprises six subjects including Bangla, English, Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability, General Science and Technology, Bangladesh Affairs, and International Affairs that carry nine hundred marks.

The candidates of the general cadre have to take all these subjects as compulsory. On the other side, the professional cadres have to take all of the subjects except Bangla II paper and General Science and Technology. Instead of these two papers, they have to take their own subjects from B.A and M.A level carrying two hundred marks.

For Bangla, candidates have to go through the history of Bangla literature from the ancient period up to the present. Another thing which is very important for this subject is Bangla Grammar. Here they can take help from the H. S. C level grammar books. Besides, a reliable BCS guidebook will be of great use to them.

English is dreaded by many. But it poses no problem for those who study the subject again and again according to the guidelines.

For English, candidates need to read the history of English literature, names of authors and their writings, literary terms, a pair of words, corrections, phrases and idioms, different rules of English Grammar, structure and use, important essays, précis, and amplification. Besides, they must have good command over the English language to do well in the written test of the BCS.

For Mathematics, candidates should practice S.S.C. level Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry of both the old and new syllabus. The subject has to be taken seriously because it makes a huge difference in the overall marks scored.

For General Science, the H.S.C. level science books will be of great help. Besides, there are everyday science books written by assorted writers. These books can also be studied to do better. In the BCS guidebooks also many questions and answers have been given. They can be gone through. Candidates should have adequate knowledge of national and international issues.

For this purpose, they have to study the daily newspapers minutely. The H.S.C. level books on Geography, History, Agriculture, and Civics may be of great help for the improvement of general knowledge. Moreover, books on current affairs have to be studied regularly.

One thing which is very important to know is that in some BCS guide books there are questions with answers of many BCS examinations of the previous years. They are of great help to the candidates. There goes a proverb that practice makes a man perfect and this can ensure a good result for the candidates.

So, those who desire to sit for the BCS examination must practice all the subjects from the very beginning following a regular routine and without wasting time.

Preparation for the viva-voce

The final stage of the BCS examination is the viva voce examination carrying two hundred marks. For the viva voce, candidates must have a vast knowledge of almost “everything.” They have to be very tactful and smart in their answers because it is the final stage for the BCS cadre. Every question should be answered very technically. The viva board may ask questions on any contemporary issues including the subjects she/he has studied at B.A. and M.A. levels. Some candidates become unnecessarily nervous. This causes a negative impact on the viva board. Candidates must feel comfortable and should take the oral examination lightly. A positive mood of the candidates is essential for a successful result in the viva voce. In addition, the candidates must put on clean and formal clothes for the purpose.

In which cadre category a candidate will be provided is decided mainly after the Viva-Voce. The preparation of any other cadres (General Cadre) and a Foreign affairs Cadre are the same till the written exams. It only differs when the Viva-Voce occurs. A Foreign Affairs Cadre should possess several special qualities and broad knowledge relating to foreign affairs to confirm his selection in the foreign affair category.

BCS Viva Tips For Foreign Affairs

‘Foreign affairs” is such kind of position in the BCS where only eligible candidates get chance through their endless efforts, sacrifice, and overall dedication.

To get chance in foreign affairs a candidate has to possess some specific qualities, covering the areas of complete addressing about himself, his upazila, district, division and above all the present status of the country in the international arena.

Such as in the UN, OIC, SAARC, BIMSTEC, NAM and in other alliance in which Bangladesh is working restlessly to bright the image of its own to the international communities. Also belonging to donor organizations including IMF, WB, USAID, JICA, ADB and IDB, foreign policy, different missions of Bangladesh in abroad.

He/She also should have a crystal-clear knowledge on the status and functions of a diplomat, broad knowledge on the current issues across the world, climatic hazards like global warming or greenhouse effect, earth-quake, exporting products of the country especially the garments sector coupled with remittance and FDI, having a sharp knowledge on map-pointing including rivers, oceans, countries, continents, mountains, lakes, seas etc.

His/Her knowledge also must cover diplomatic knowledge on geo-politics, inns, and outs of economic and military alliance with their full history, the name of capitals and currencies of all countries across the world.

Above all cadre need to give a smart and precise answer including relevant data with a pleasing voice which surely would be helpful to score a outstanding marks on viva-voce to reach to the top of success.

Reading materials for BCS Foreign Affairs:

1) Diplomacy and foreign policy in Wikipedia.
2) History of Bangladesh in Wikipedia
3) Constitution of Bangladesh.
4) For full information on district visit dc@(your district name)
5) A book “ Articles on National and International Issues” by M Imam Hossain 6) National budget for the current year
7) An economic review of the Bangladesh govt – current year 8) Guidebooks including Oracle, Professors and Saifur’s publication
9) Regular study of the English newspapers including “The Daily Star”, “The Independent” and “Financial Express”.
10) Collection of the atlas.
11) Website: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh

Links for BCS Update:

Contributor: Sabbir Ahmed | From Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University

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Career In Defence Sector For BBA Students In Bangladesh

Defence sector is one of the best career paths for anyone. Here one person will get a high salary as well as respect from society. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a special degree in business studies. This degree can be in accounting, management, marketing, finance etc. A student who has completed his/her education and obtained BBA, he/she has a great chance to work in the defence sector. 

Military forces of Bangladesh (Army, Navy and Air Force) recruit warrant officers who have completed minimum graduation. Police also recruit Sub-inspector who has at least graduated. 

Warrant Officers Of Three Military Forces

The Bangladesh Army, the Bangladesh Navy and the Bangladesh Air Force recruit warrant officers. These warrant officers are like the bridge between ranked officers and the normal army. A student who has obtained his/her BBA can join as the warrant officer. He/she needs to get a high CGPA from any good university in BBA then complete all the formalities. After the training of 1 year, he/she can work as a junior warrant officer. The demand for CGPA is more in the Bangladesh Army, then the Bangladesh Navy and then the Bangladesh Air Force. 

A warrant officer gets a good salary with all the advantages given by the Bangladesh Government. 

Army Education Corps

There are many universities in Bangladesh which are controlled by the army. These universities are for the army as well as the civilians to complete higher education. Like Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), Military Institute of Science And Technology (MIST), National Defence College (NDC). Here a lot of BBA students are recruited by the Bangladesh army as a professor. They will get a higher salary than other universities/schools/colleges teachers. This is a great chance for the BBA students. He/she needs to grab a high CGPA and complete all the formalities. Then he/she will become a professor. 


 Bangladesh police’s officer rank starts from SI (sub-inspector). If anyone wants to become an SI, he/she needs to complete graduation. After all the formalities get done, he/she will become an SI. A person who has completed BBA will get a chance here. An SI of police get a good salary with ration. He is respected by all the people of the society. 


 National security intelligence or NSI is the detective agency under the ministry of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The NSI is the leading organized agency of the Government of Bangladesh in the field of internal security, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and foreign intelligence. NSI is the largest among all the intelligence agencies in Bangladesh, the others being the Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), SB, CID, PBI and intelligence directorates of armed and paramilitary forces. In NSI minimum graduation is required. A person who has completed BBA has a high opportunity to work in NSI.    


An SP or Superintendent of Police controls a thana. An OC or Officer In charge also controls a thana. But OC is under SP. Both of them have to complete BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service). After completing BBA one can complete the BCS (Police) and become an OC or ASP and then promoted to SP.       


 Police bureau of investigation or PBI is the security agency of Bangladesh. This agency is for detecting the higher-ranked officials of Bangladesh. At least a person has to complete graduation. If anyone completed BBA then this will be very grateful. 


Criminal investigation department or CID the detective agency in Bangladesh. When police cannot solve any case then CID take over the case and try to solve that. CID recruits minimum graduated people for becoming a CID officer. So a person who has completed BBA has a high chance to work in this reputed defence sector.    

In the defence sector, these are the fields for a BBA student to work. They will get a high salary as well as respect for the people of Bangladesh through working here.

Written By

Md. Istiak Ahmed
Faculty Of Business Studies 10th Batch
Department Of Management
Session: 2019-2020
Mawlana Bhashani Science And Technology University, Santosh, Tangail.

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Types of Part-Time Jobs for Students in Bangladesh

A part-time job is basically a job that requires fewer working hours per week than a normal or full-time job. Generally, these jobs are shift based which is rotational in most cases. In addition, someone is considered a part-time employee if they work less than 30 hours a week. Usually people work part-time when they couldn’t get a full-time job and while attending school, college or university, and simply by personal preference. Depending on the types, working hours and other job preferences, one thing is for sure that students are one of the most enthusiastic candidates for part-times jobs.

Unlike developed countries, part-time jobs for students in Bangladesh are limited to some extent. But there exist some good sectors in our country where students can work part time. Again, due to technological and economic development and expansion of trade and commerce, new job sectors are gradually emerging. At the same time, students are getting more part-time job opportunities day-by-day. Here in this article, we have picked some excellent types of part-time jobs in our country that will help you to become financially stable in student-life.

Best part-time job sectors for students in Bangladesh:

1. Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring is the most popular part-time job among the students in our country. Perhaps most students at the college or university level work as private tutors since it’s an easy way to earn money. Basically, tutoring jobs for students are of two types – home tutor and part-time tutor in coaching centers and schools. The flexibility of these jobs has made them so interesting. You can go for the tuition at your convenient time at an hourly rate. The salary of tutoring jobs varies depending on the subject and the class of teaching. Personal communication is the primary way to get tuition. In the early stages, you can be well acquainted as a private tutor by doing home tuitions. You can also contact any nearby coaching center or school directly. Your academic background will be very helpful in this case. Another great benefit of part-time tutoring is that you can get the opportunity to not just share your knowledge but to retain and strengthen your previously learned lessons.

2. NGO

There is a huge opportunity for part-time jobs in NGOs in Bangladesh. A large number of NGOs working on issues like children, women, environment, human rights etc countrywide. Through their various projects, poor and disabled children in the society are getting primary education and learn to do handicrafts, drawings, songs, and even technical works. And many such programs of NGOs provide a good opportunity for part-time jobs. In addition, NGOs employ part-time workers in different field works. These field works include conducting surveys, social development, adult education, sanitation, sex education, etc. Students can find the available part-time jobs in these NGOs through newspaper advertisement or direct contact. At first you may not get much money by working part time in these organizations. But in these cases, you will get training along with a certificate as the evidence of work experience. Both this certification and experience are useful in later job search.

3. Shopping Center, Stores & Restaurants

Usually in shopping centers or in various retail stores, fashion houses, chain shops, brand showrooms there are very good opportunities for part-time jobs as a sales executive and in customer services. Again, many people work part-time as waiters in restaurants. In these cases, often the main task is to increase the sales of the product or service of the outlet. As a result, there are commissions on sales along with salary and the opportunity to work overtime. Thus, students can earn a good amount of money per month by working 4-5 hours a day in such markets. The biggest advantage is that these jobs also have the opportunity to choose the convenient times. Apart from this, different month-long fairs such as – trade fair, book fair, tree fair etc. also facilitate part-time job opportunities. In these functions, college and university students can get part-time or contract jobs as a sales assistant on a priority basis.

4. Call Center Operator

Mobile phone operator companies of the country and other foreign outsourcing firms are offering many part-time job opportunities in their call centers for university students. These call centers provide a variety of customer support. Students are more likely to be employed in the call centers as a large manpower is needed there. Actually, students with good communication skills and patience, who speak fluently through standard pronunciation, can easily get a part-time job in call centers. In general, there are 3 working shifts in call centers and each shift lasts for 8 hours. Thus, students can work part-time here at their convenience.

5. Ride Sharing & Delivery Services

Nowadays ride sharing services like Uber and Pathao have become very popular in Bangladesh. As you can ride through these platforms, you can earn money by becoming a rider yourself. There are also many parcel and food delivery services that employ freelance delivery personnel. And with the increasing number of e-commerce services in the country, the demand for deliverymen is also increasing. Thanks to all these growing services, working as a part-time driver has become easier than ever. Thus, one of these part-time jobs is very easy to find for students with driving skills and a motorbike. Part-time ride sharing and food delivery jobs are now more popular among students because of their flexibility.

6. Event & Campaign Management

Many companies now organize various campaigns and events to promote their products or services. Especially, different products selling companies conduct multiple campaigns throughout the year. Usually each of these events and campaigns lasts for days, weeks or months. And all these events and campaigns create a great opportunity for part-time jobs. Actually, the companies contractually hire smart and young people for managing any particular campaigns. Thus, in most cases, college and university students get priority for these part-time or contract jobs.

7. Photography

Yes, your passion can turn into your profession. At present, photography is a very fascinating and demanding profession. If you have a camera and are good at photography, you can become a freelance photographer. Nowadays many students work part-time as photographers at various events and functions. Many studios and event management firms also hire part-time and contract photographers. Students can work as part time photographers in these firms and studios if they want. Again, there are a large number of news agencies in our country and they often offer part-time jobs as photographers. Students with potential photographic skills can definitely grab these opportunities.

8. Research Assistant

Government and non-government research institutes and development agencies of the country conduct various researches throughout the year as part of different projects. These researches and studies require a good number of data collectors or research assistants. Generally, the research conducting institutes hire university students as research assistants for these one-time jobs. As a result, students can get excellent part-time job opportunities through their projects. Under these research projects, institutions will provide training and certification to the recruits. Therefore, working part-time as a research assistant can be a valuable experience in strengthening your future resume.

9. Online Part-Time Jobs

Due to the advancement of technology, the number of online based jobs is increasing rapidly. At present, outsourcing is a popular choice among the youth worldwide. The numbers of freelancers in our country as well as the opportunities for various online based jobs have now increased tremendously. As a result, students can find a huge number of part-time jobs in different online marketplaces. Freelancing jobs include software development, website development and design, mobile apps & games building, data entry, graphic designing, digital designing, support services, etc. Apart from these, some other demanding online jobs include digital marketing & social-media marketing, search engine optimization, content writing, blogging and video editing. If you are skilled in any of these fields, you can work part time online. Many students first start working online after receiving training in their preferred field and gradually become experienced freelancers. Then it becomes an excellent part-time job for them to earn money.


Anaet Ullah Biswas

Student | Business Administration,

Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University.

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