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Business Haunt” – a non-profit organization for business students to improve their academic & professional skills. Business Haunt”  believes in sharing skills, As every single person has some unique skill to share with others. Anyone can join & get a free membership atBusiness Haunt“. Business Haunt” provides various sources and opportunities to enrich your CV/Resume and gives you access to their student archive (BBA & MBA courses) for your academic purpose to improve your academic result. It’s a unique voluntary platform to develop your skills and practice those skills effectively regularly.

Business Haunt” work summary-

– Let you build your leadership skill.

– Help you to build your own platform for developing other skills.

– Direct you to choose a right career path.

– Provide you different opportunities & sources to enrich your CV/Resume.

– Teach you the tips & tricks of delivering perfect presentation.

– Show you the core techniques of excellent public speaking.

– Keep you up to date with the current business world.


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