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Business Haunt is a non-profit organization working for the development of professional and business skills for the youth of Bangladesh. Its prime goal is to provide free training and career counseling for the college and university students around the country. Business Haunt is creating the largest online resource for students, businessman, and professionals where they find all the basic and necessary information they require.

Business Haunt is a knowledge-based skill sharing platform. Business Haunt regularly performs their uniquely designed session at different universities. Since 2017, it has trained hundreds of students about- “How to Choose Your Career?, Secrets of Public Speaking and Presentations, How to Write Better?, Smart Google” and many more to improve their basic knowledge and skills.

Business Haunt is continuously working on improving the knowledge and performance of young professionals and business learners.

Our ambassadors represent our organization and its activities on different campuses. To Become Our Ambassador Click Here!

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Email us at – info@businesshaunt.com

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