About Us

Business Haunt is an open platform for anyone who is willing to develop their business skills and knowledge altogether. By creating the largest online business and skill development information hub for the students, businessmen, and professionals, we are committed to enrich their knowledge, become a guide in developing their skills, and be the reason for their confidence in everyday life.

Through Business Haunt, you can learn how to connect with opportunities available around you and face the challenges of the fast-paced world by standing out from the crowd. We are gradually adding new features, and projects to Business Hunt.

We are also open to provide training and career counseling to college and university students around the country for free. Our training materials are designed with the guideline and support of the expert on that particular field. Being a unique training program our sessions are simple and easily understandable for any background students.

Since 2017, we have trained hundreds of students in different universities and reached thousands of people around the world through our website. Some of our signature sessions are,

  • Right Way to Choose Your Career.
  • Public Speaking & the Secrets Behind it.
  • The Truth of Communication skills.
  • You Were Wrong About Networking.
  • How to Read & Write Better?
  • Smart Google & the Smarter You.
  • Entrepreneur & the Wrong Concept.
  • There is No Secret to Success
  • Love and Loss of a Good Human Being.

These sessions are designed to encourage people to adopt the self-learning technique which was adopted early by people like – Abraham Lincoln (President of USA), Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple), Jimi Hendrix (Musician), and of course The Kazi Nazrul Islam (Anti-colonial Revolutionary Poet of Bangladesh).

Being an innovative business knowledge development platform, our mission is to equip the learners with everything they need to compete in the dramatized changing world.

What do We do?

  • Enrich Your Business Knowledge.
  • Develop Your Personal & Professional Skills.
  • Keep You Updated to the Current Business World.
  • Direct You to Choose the Right Career.
  • Guide You to Enrich Your CV/Resume.
  • Help to Understand Your Hidden Talent.

For any query please email us at – info@businesshaunt.com