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Welcome to Business Haunt

Business Haunt is an open platform for anyone who is willing to empower his/her knowledge. We are committed to enrich your knowledge, develop personal and professional skills, and be part of your confidence in your  everyday life.

Through Business Haunt, you can learn how to connect with opportunities available around you and face the challenges of the fast-paced world by standing out from the crowd. We are gradually adding new features, and projects to Business Hunt.

Our Mision

To positively transform this generation of youth by providing a wide range of teaching and training to maximize the potentials and abilities in professional and personal life.

Our Vision

To empower the youth and give access to opportunities, skills, resources and the relationships they need to actualize their potential.

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How We Do It?

Our sessions are designed to encourage people to adopt the self-learning technique which was adopted early by people like - Abraham Lincoln (President of USA), Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple), Jimi Hendrix (Musician), and of course The Kazi Nazrul Islam (Anti-colonial Revolutionary Poet of Bangladesh). Being an innovative business knowledge development platform, our mission is to equip the learners with everything they need to compete in the dramatized changing world.

What We Have Done?

From 2017 businesshaunt is imrpoving gradually and reaching more youth

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General FAQ

some common questions and answers about businesshaunt

What is Business Haunt?

Its a platform to develop professional and personal skill set.

How Can I Join Business Haunt?

You can just full up the membership form and the team you want to be with.

Do I need to pay any subscription fees?

No, you will not need to pay Any Subscription Fee to Business Haunt.

Does Business Haunt Offer Internship?

Yes, It offer internships, both paid and unpaid.

How Can I Become the Core-Committee Member?

It's easy, You just have to add values to businesshaunt and have consistency at your given tasks.

Do You Take Ambassador?

Yes, Business Haunt Takes Ambassadors from Different Universities and Colleges.