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  • Skills Needed in University

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    Grow 8 skills when you are at University

    In university, students earn the knowledge of their lives. They learn so many new things that help them to live a meaningful life. To make their student life and professional life easier they should add the following skills to their to-do list. 1. Being a good presenter:  The presentation is the way to express yourself […] More

  • how to build powerful personality

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    Build a Powerful Personality

    Contrary to standard belief the word ‘personality’ does not refer to being moody, brooding and heavy. Personality is actually our typical pattern of thinking, feeling, acting and reacting. Its what we tend to do consistently across the board. It would be hard to define personality in one attribute, as personalities are a combination of various traits. Even though everyone’s personality is exclusive and delightful in their own way, there can always be space for improvement. It never hurts to be more likable. So, here are some tips that […] More

  • How to Improve your learning capability?

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    How to Learn Faster?

    Your way of reading always affects the ways of your learning. You can make your reading effective by doing some easy steps. The following steps will improve your learning capability. Here we represent why how you read is important. How to Improve Your Learning Capability- 1. Know the process: If we can know the way […] More

  • Top Company

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    Top 10 companies in the world 2018

    There are Giants in Corporation World who started from a drop of idea & now ruling the business world head upheld. Today we gonna introduce you top 10 highest valued companies in the world. Top 10 valued companies in the world 2018: 1) Amazon.com: The founder of Amazon.com is Jeff Bezos. It is founded on […] More

  • Productive Day


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    Make Everyday Better

    We face many problems in our daily workday. We try to work hard to finish our daily tasks, but sometimes it feels like a heavy stone over our head. No matter how hard we try we only fall behind our schedule. Here are some productivity hacks for you to get a better your everyday work. […] More

  • How to Write Better?


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    How to Write Better?

    Writing something is very easy, but writing better is hard. One can easily get better at his/her everyday writing. The person will need to maintain consistency and practice writing regularly to become a better writer. All the great writing you see today isn’t achieved by the writer in a day. They give time to it, […] More

  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms of Service We promise that our terms of service are very human readable, so we strongly recommend you to read it. The following document outlines the terms of use of the Business Haunt website. Before using any of the businesshaunt.com services, you are required to read, understand, and agree to these terms. By using […] More

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