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  • top 10 frozen food company in bangladesh

    Top 10 Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, at this time many people have already build-up their industry in various sectors, and Frozen Food is one of them. They trying to expand their businesses and trying to reach a bigger market worldwide. Many well-established companies, as well as young entrepreneurs, are focusing on this frozen food sector these days and the […] More

  • top 10 e learning and educational website in bangladesh

    Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh

    With the advancement of technology and the availability of it to the people, online learning has become a learning reality for everybody. Whether a student or a professional may be in need of some specific and special education that is not always possible to attain physically. There are various online educational websites and e-learning platforms, […] More

  • Effects of Facebook Review & Feedback

    How to Deal with Negative Facebook Reviews and Feedback?

    Facebook reviews are the comments & opinions that the consumers or any other stakeholder make on the page of any business or brand that has the power to make the page popular & eligible enough to appear in the news feed section of the people who are liked with the page. Good or bad, reviews […] More

  • skills a job interviewer looks into a candidate

    9 Skills a Job Interviewer Looks into a Freshers

    A student must nurture the following 9 skills for his future job interviews as these skills will help the students to cope up with the competitions. The more the world is being modernized, the more it is being competitive to survive for the players in the field of business. A good employee will always try […] More

  • Top 10 Educational Youtube Channel

    Top 10 YOUTUBE Channels that Can Make You Smart

    Youtube is the 2nd most popular site on the internet. The 1st one is obviously the Gaint Google. You can find so much information available on youtube these days. People can get an entire package of different education from youtube. PBS- Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta launched a video on “Is youtube making us smarter?” He […] More