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  • work form home

    How to Make Work from Home More Effective in COVID 19?

    Working from home is not a new concept today. Different types of organizations use such flex working mode or hours for the sake of being agile & updated. When there is some natural disaster around the country or city or region that creates an obstacle to reach office & some important project is on the […] More

  • top startup in bangladesh

    Top 10 Promising Startup in Bangladesh Rising for Change

    Bangladesh is one of the largest marketplaces of Asia, so it has now become a land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. We see many businesses are starting around us every now and then. But not so many of them are successful or live up to the mark. To stay alive in the world of business, the […] More

  • case study on job insecurity

    The Overpowering Job insecurity & its Damaging Effect on Productivity

    The case of a middle-class faculty member of a private university in Bangladesh. Declaration: the events discussed are absolutely true but the name Afsana Nazneen is a disguised one & the name of the university is also not mentioned to avoid controversy. She was Afsana Nazneen (37), mother of two school-going kids with five members […] More

  • how to control anxiety in university life

    How to Deal with Anxiety in Your University Life and Overcome It?

    It seems like the words ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’ is repeated a lot these days by many people without an actual diagnosis. Add that to our already existing cultural stigma about mental health issues, it’s hard to have a serious and constructive conversation about said issues. These factors, for years, have created a vicious cycle of […] More

  • winning habits of the students

    Top 5 Winning Habits You Must Nurture in Student Life

    Student life is the one, where a person learns the most either in classrooms or outside it. The educational institutions have a different vibe & set up where students are equipped with different sorts of books, exercises, playgrounds & learning. Once students come out of this life completing it successfully, they are in a transitional […] More

  • work politices and how to avoide it

    Workplace Politics: How to prepare, What to Do and What to avoid!

    Depending on who you ask; the word politics has quite a few different meanings. For some, it may be to “uphold the rights of the poor”, for others it may be about “serving the people”. But at the end of the day no matter what anyone says the essence of politics is power. The struggle […] More